I will make it quite known that I really enjoy experiencing new things.  I do have my limits so I will not try everything! Like frog legs…I’m still not quite sure I want to try that even though they say it tastes just like chicken. I don’t like frogs or toads! Last night, I was out shopping in the imports section and came across the bottle of Hawaiian Passion Fruit Pineapple Wine called “Splash!” It sounds refreshing and exotic!

I did something whack with the cork opener and had my brother open it (yup the one that made the CUHRAZY egg!). He then took a swig of the wine directly from the bottle! ARGH!  GRRR! He said the wine was good and wanted a glass. Well, it doesn’t taste good to me because it tastes too much like pineapple beer! I am so not a beer drinker nor do I consume alcoholic beverages often.

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert in wine or alcoholic beverages. I prefer sweet wine that doesn’t have a strong alcoholic taste or mixed drinks.

OOOOh and since we’re on the topic of Hawaii, I wanted to add a photo of my gorgeous soprano ukulele! It’s SO CUTE!