My blog has kick started again, but I have to go on hiatus once more! Don’t worry this one won’t be too long…I hope..KIDDING! I plan to come back with some photography advice since y’all appear eager to learn tips on taking good photos as well as some background information about me. Hehehe. Oh and let’s not forget me posting on random crapola. ^___^

The photos within this post were taken with my phone. No NP I didn’t edit them. I was tempted to!

On a side note, I had one of the coolest dreams last night! I dreamt I saw this AMAZING sunset!!! It was quite surreal with so many vivid colours I’ve never seen sunsets have. The sky was a cross between a typical sunset (like my photos) and the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Everything was constantly changing. It was like being in another planet, but alas it was Nebraska..WHAT THE?! O_O Of all places..WHY NEBRASKA?! I don’t even know what’s in Nebraska! The other weird thing was Nebraska was supposed to be at the North Pole somewhere. My geography is pretty bad even in my subconscious!! -_-

Anyways the latter part of the dream was me realizing I forgot my DSLR and made due with my phone once again. I took shots of a ginormous flight of red birds flying across the sky in really cool patterns. They were the size of doves and it was just stunning to see the red against the white clouds and blue sky….

Alright enough of me ranting! ::using an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent:: “I’ll be back!”