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All I am going to say is “WOOOOW!” to all the lovely snow in Hokkaido! I did tons of stuff, took tons of shots, and bought heaps of snacks!  I did manage to pull out one of my SD cards and grab a photo of a Snowlady I helped make in a lovely park…OKAY OKAY so I just took a couple handfuls of snow and put it on the head just to say I helped make it, BUT I DID CONTRIBUTE A TEENIE BIT! My hand froze quick and hurt pretty bad for a few seconds! I had to yank it into my sweater under my arm just to warm it back up! I even had to walk through a few feet of shin-high snow to get to her and take a photo. She is quite cute with her eyelash like eyes in a wink, joyful smile, and whimsical stick arms that look like they are about to twirl around.

If you look REALLY REALLY closely you can see my purple box of cheesecake bubble gum on the right stick of the Snowlady. Would it be considered littering if I accidentally forgot it there?! Ahhh! It tastes just like a blueberry cheesecake too!

Once I get settled into the reality of my personal life, I will be sure to post more photos and experiences of Hokkaido! Stay tuned and big hugs to everyone!