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Check out all that white from the plane! I was super excited to be able to experience all that snow! I was hoping I brought enough of the right clothing to keep me warm! We shall see if I froze my bum off!

Upon entering Odori Park, this is the first snow sculpture you will see. It’s pretty damn amazing seeing all the details put into this!

If you don’t know what snow sculpture this is, then you probably live underneath a rock! This was my favourite part of the snow festival because it was the only sculpture with pretty music and changing lights! There was a little girl singing on stage while the snow was falling and it felt like I was back at Disneyland! It was a very cool performance!

More of the Disney Snow Sculpture..

I don’t remember what building this was but it’s all made of ICE! CRAZY! It’s HUGE! Most of these are near life size! This is exactly how it looks in person!

This shot I took before the photo above when the sun was about to set. I really liked how the birds flew overhead when I took the shot! It’s kind of eerie looking though…like a haunted house! O_O”

Another highly impressive snow sculpture! To construct an entire building made of snow is simply astonishing! It would have been nice to see these being made!

Now for the smaller individual snow sculptures that surrounded the rest of the park. I decided to post a few worth mentioning. This one is of Totoro, one of my FAV anime characters!

Mika! Dedicated to Nerei who appears to be absolutely smitten with her! hahaha!

Last but not least, this semi-dodgy photo is dedicated to all the yuri fans out there! Most specifically Ninnypanties, Hayashi, Jo, and Yuuki! Oh and Nakayo! KIDDING Nakayo! Hahaha!

Well that concludes Part 1 of the snow festival! Stay tuned for MORE!