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Entrance to Sapporo Beer Museum. PRETTY!

Side of Sapporo Beer Museum

Drunk Snowman dude on a bed of beer foam….too funny!

Bar area where we had our glasses of beer!

I finished my entire glass of beer! X_X Tasted awful but I drank it all! KANPAI!

::Random photo:: OMG I want ONE! <3 This instrument store is inside of JR Station.

::Random photo:: I thought this decal on the glass door was CUTE! The whole place was filled with lovey dovey signs and goodies because of Valentine’s Day. @_@

View of JR Station from the hotel lobby. Now on to the random train ride photos in and out of the train! All the landscape photos were taken from behind the train window.


ICICLES! I went absolutely NUTS whenever I saw these!

I love this composition! If only the quality of the photo were better. *sigh* Darn window!

Roasted brain…I mean chestnuts. I’ve never had these before and I’m not a fan. -_-‘ It tastes like some kind of wee-yurd sweet bean and looks like a small animal brain! X_X ~note:Mister Donut bag in the behind the bag of chestnuts~

My first BENTO! <3 PRETTY!! I liked the pumpkin, rice, and bit of fish in this. Everything else was iffy…

FINALLY! After 5.5 hours, we arrive at Abashiri! It’s about 24 F or -5 C! FREEZING!