If I were a cow, I would totally be hitting the wheatgrass bars every night! I wonder if cows would actually drink grass juice….*ponders* Last night I drank a shot of wheatgrass for the first time! The girl said I would get drowsy if I’ve never had it before and then she gave me a slice of apple as a chaser. O_O Since when does an apple minimize drowsiness?! I looked at her and said,”This isn’t something dangerous to drink is it?! O_O Isn’t it supposed to be healthy for you?!” I’m inclined to think that they became drowsy because they think it’s like a shot of liquor…all in their heads!  There was nothing online about being drowsy after drinking wheatgrass, unless this is some kind of wheatgrass grown in Colombia. O_O SCARY! Anyways, upon more research there is also no significant difference between a shot of wheatgrass to eating a bowl of fresh greens. It just depends on how you want to get your chlorophyll, shot or bowl.

Wheatgrass looks like pretty grass you want to just roll around in, nothing new.  The taste is slightly sweet. Tasted like they put in half a packet of Splenda. Not bad! mmMmmm mouthwatering chlorophyll…..