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Mangaka – Uso Kurata
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Keiko had always disliked how her appearance didn’t quite match with her more feminine frilly personality. In order to fit in, Keiko decided to conform to what she thought other people wanted her to act like instead of just being herself. She meets blind Haruka and they become close friends, but Haruka is given the chance to see once again. Keiko continues to offer her support and encouragement and after a successful heartwarming surgery she quickly retreats from Haruka. In a dramatic display, Haruka immediately recognizes Keiko’s “kind eyes” from the back of the classroom, Haruka dashes across, and begins scolding Keiko for disappearing. Keiko is surprised, embarrassed, and ultimately relieved her beloved Haruka accepts her for who she is. They go off into the sunset making potpourri.

Awwwww..I absolutely loved the part in the classroom where Haruka dashes across the room and scolds Keiko. Crap, I’d give Keiko an earful as well! TSK! That part reminded me of Saki when the purple haired girl finds the invisible girl and tells her, “I want you!” Hahahaha! Keiko also reminded me of Rei from Marimite. Though both look tough on the outside, on the inside they enjoy doing grandma-like things; Rei – knitting and Keiko – making potpourri.

Things to Learn:

1. Be yourself. Don’t let other people tell you who you should be.
2. Don’t run away after your girlfriend has eye surgery because you’re afraid she won’t like you anymore! Have some balls! I mean be BRAVE!
3. The support and encouragement you offer means more than you know!
4. Accepting someone’s inner and outer beauty also means loving them for who they are. Accept the entire person even if they have crazy hair.

Favourite Quotes:

“brought together by the scent of potpourri”

“I wish this moment would last forever`”

Keiko: “If you could see me, you wouldn’t spend time with me, much less love me.”
“More so than feeling fear, I’m unbelievably happy to see her rejoice like this! To the point that I’ve completely stopped caring about whether or not it’s convenient for me! This feeling..is nothing other than love. I loved Haruka from the bottom of my heart.”

Haruka: “When I was together with you, I sensed your gentleness and your beautiful heart. The real Keiko, the same one I can see in your clear eyes. I love you Keiko..now and always..”

Keiko: “ I think Haruka really is a present to me from God.”

“I’ll fall in love with you, just as I am”