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Ohohohoho! Maria-sama ga Miteru is being adapted into Live Action! Scheduled release is June 25th. When I hear the term “live action” associated with “Maria-sama ga Miteru”, I think of an action film involving a bunch of yuri catholic school girls guns blazing any man that comes within 10 ft of Sachiko. “SO WRONG!” and maybe “What the @%#@!” is what probably comes to other people’s mind. There are mixed feelings and criticisms about this and it’s shaking up the yuri hemisphere! My thoughts are you will either love it or hate it. Heck, I just want to watch it for the yuri and it’s a potential landmine of yuri squealing and kyaaaas. I mean look at the picture to your left! Sachiko is adjusting Yumi’s tie! Oh and I’m looking forward to the OST! I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a total fluke. How many other yuri live actions are out there anyway? It has to be better than Cutie Honey Live and Mendol Ikemen Idol right?! ::crosses fingers::

Our friend Katherine over at Yuri no Boke has the whole scoop on the cast of Marimite. Hmmm the girls don’t look half bad! hehehe ::innocent look::

I’ll be digesting this with a spoonful of sugar for the sake of yuri-manity.