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The Candy Boy manga is offbeat from the anime with a similar but alternate storyline. There are 6 Chapters out thanks to the lovely hardworking ladies over at TsundereTranslations!

This photo reminds me of me waiting for a certain someone who is almost always late! :P

I still heart you!

Continuing on my favourite twin slice-of-life manga, Kanade and Yukino’s younger sister, Saku-chan, makes her way to Tokyo to visit the ladies.  It’s a short filler read with no fluffy cutesy moments between Kana and Yuki. Instead, we have the typical-sisters hanging-out scene.

Traveling all the way from Hokkaido to Tokyo by her independent little self, is their younger sister Saku-chan! She brings the girls two plane tickets for them to visit home! It’s so funny how she sometimes acts like the Onee-chan to Kana and Yuki! Kana almost always has her “Sumimasen” face on! However, we do see a scary almost pyscho part to Kana. She gets crazy when Saku-chan tells her about a cute guy! Hahaha!

I actually don’t care for the story when Saku-chan is in it because it sort of dampens the mood a little, but her presence feels necessary and in keeping with their lives. She is always keeping everyone in check and always says what is on her mind.  Contrary to the anime, in this chapter we see all three sisters cuddled on the bottom bunk together! Awww! Yes, the ending did slightly satisfy my sweet tooth.