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Kyaaaaa!! I LOVE anything audio! Why?! Because my music sounds friggin amazing in them AND AND AND they look COOOOOL! See how my EXCITEMENT JUST SOARS OUT OF THE SKY! *calms herself down*

I also started kind of “collecting” headphones. It all started when I began losing all my in-ear headphones so I had to buy more! I’ll put up a post later on the quality of these headphones as well as how to properly clean them! Maybe I’ll have some new cool ear-buds by then! :P

The Audio Technicas are my FAVOURITE headphones right now! They are crazy massive but I still wear them out!! I have it hanging on my purse because they are too big to fit inside!

Presenting AIR Dynamic Headphones ATH-AD700 – audio-technica:

I had to use my phone to prop up the headphones.

Hahaha! Look how TINY my hand looks compared to these! It’s a bit dramatized in the photo, but it’s still pretty damn HUGE!

These are my CUTE CUTE heart headphones! I forgot the brand because I accidentally threw out the box yesterday! AHH! Some female’s name…I’ll find that information later! Yes I do have a pink Christmas tree I keep on my dresser! Alright, better get back to studying!! I have a Japanese Final tomorrow!!!