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I feel deprived of yuri-ness at the moment….need to replenish. So I summoned the Angel of Yuri in a maid outfit! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

*does a flying cartwheel* Today I feel like being all sorts of silly. It’s really easy to revert into a child when little kids and babies are around me. I just turn into MUSH! They are hilarious and so much fun to play with. Plus, it gives me reason to fiddle around with the latest neat toys that are out there AND swing and slide at the playground without looking wee-urd….hehehe Hmmmm I think I’ve said all this before….. :P

Later I’ll be taking my niece to this new gelato place then maybe a stroll at the beach. Being near the ocean is my favourite place to be right now. It’s getting REALLY HOT here though!

OH EM G! I had a really weird dream last night! It took place in my front yard at dusk. I dreamt that there was some creature in a box in front of my house and someone was going to release it! I screamed at him in a frantic fearful voice, “NO! Can’t you hear it sounds like some kind of MONSTER!?!?! Don’t open the box! It’s going to attack US ALL!!!” Of course that BLOODY IDIOT OF A PERSON didn’t listen to me and OPENED THE DAMN BOX! AHHHHHHHH!


Everything was OKAAAAY!!! The crazy monster sounding creature was only a black normal sized baboon that ran in the opposite direction of where I was. ****MASSIVE WHEW****

Hahaha! Pardon my rambling above…

These are my “mostly yuri” manga, anime, drama, and movie projects that I need to get crackin on (in no particular order except SNN is NEXT on my list):


  • *Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 5
  • You’re Beautiful Episode 2
  • Buzzer Beat Episode 2
  • Hotaru no Hikari Episode 2


  • Then Came Lola (I only saw 15 mins of it!)
  • Topless (skimmed through almost the entire movie and saw the ending -_-“)


  • Angel Beats! Episode “I don’t remember where I left off” (I may officially drop this)


  • Aqua Blue Cinema
  • Love DNA XX
  • Saki Doujin PV25 “Parukusu” (I think I downloaded the other Doujins as well)

Alright! I am not going to even glance, flirt, or bat an eyelash at another series until I at least finish one episode of each and read some of the manga. *nods* O_O *looks at the time* It’s 12:14 pm and I still haven’t eaten breakfast! *dashes off*

Happy Tuesday/Monday everyone!