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Strawberry Panic holds a special place in my yuri heart because it was the first anime series I had ever watched. Since then, I became mesmerized by anime and the plethora of diverse stories from yuri to action. It wasn’t until about a year after I began watching anime that my interests ventured into manga, fanfic, and light novels.

Strawberry Panic Volumes 1 & 2 are my FIRST EVER purchases! Both novels are my ONLY purchases as I haven’t even bought anime and manga (not counting Spirited Away, Ponyo, and Tonari no Totoro).

So far I’ve read a couple pages and I have to say it is filled with SUPER FLUFF! Seriously, check out the title of Chapter 1 Day 1!

“A Goddess Finds Delightful Prey in a Cherry-colored Mist”

O_O …delightful prey… ooookay…

It gets even more interesting with the dialogue and SO NOT what I expected! Here is a small excerpt:

“Listen my darling little daisy. The two of us have been so happy until now, right? You were my darling angel. Really. Please understand, okay? I adore you so much, it’s really hard for ME to be apart, too. Goodbye.”

Reading the words “my darling little daisy” reminds me of a classic novel set somewhere in London. This is not my typical type of novel, but HEY it’s yuri and my standards are a bit low. I also don’t know what’s considered “normal” in terms of light novels. Off I go into this yuri wonderland. I’ll just check my brain in at the door and I KNOW I’ll be laughing A LOT! A review will go up once I finish!