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Upon seeing the preview for the Live Action for Gantz, I think this is something that I will definitely watch! The producer also did the Death Note Live Actions. Why does the release date for this have to be so FAR AWAY?!

Warner Bros Japan plans to theatrically release the first installment in January 2011 and the second in spring 2011. ~ Ai Young

The Gantz anime was creepy and weird for me, but this film looks pretty cool! psst..I initially watched the first few episodes of Gantz solely because Hitomi Nabatame was the seiyuu for the leading lady.  Maybe if she sounded more like Shizuma from SP, I’d roll up my sleeves and watch it.  I also have a friend who is a staunch Gantz manga fan so this post is partly inspired by him!

Preview Video via Youtube:

Gantz two male leads cast:

  • Kazunari Ninomiya (Kei Kurono)

Made his Hollywood debut as Saigo in Letters From Iwo Jima and was the voice-over for Black in the anime Tekkon Kinkreet (A crazy story about two young street brothers who would do anything for one another and rule the city. The animation is just as crazy colorful as these characters).

  • Kenichi Matsuyama (Masaru Kato)

Starred as Shin in the Live Action movie NANA (Love this btw..Part 1 in particular), Kawamoto Senpai in the jdrama 1 Litre of Tears, Makoto Hokazono in Detroit Metal City OVA Johannes Krauser II and Souichi Negishiin the DMC Live Action, Gelus in Death Note anime and L in Death Note Live Actions.

Vid on more of the Gantz cast via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1MnCyUSHtQ