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My family and I celebrated Memorial Day at our family beach soaking in the summer sun, fishing, and basically kicking back. The only thing I managed to catch were shots and a clam.

So what happens when the tide goes out and you happen to walk on a live reef?

You get to see several different coral similar to small colorful barrel cacti (barrel cacti sounds nicer than the colorful brains) emerge over the surface, fish madly flapping on the surface of the water in search for a hole to save them, gross-shaped sea cucumbers, and grape-like bunches of seaweed to name a few.

The most exciting thing for me was standing near the edge of the reef with my camera at hand snapping away at the seemingly measureless deep ocean only a few feet away. It was absolutely thrilling and scary! At one point a larger wave suddenly washed in so that I had to brace my legs in preparation for it! It came up to my knees, pushed me several inches back, and I almost toppled over! I took that as a sign that I should remove myself to a safer location before I find myself on the OTHER side of the reef. Yes, there are sharks out there too! >_<

Aside from the island-style KFC I had for breakfast and lunch, I overjoyed my palate with freshly picked mini-bananas and mango. My least fav food adventure was nibbling on morsel of fresh seaweed. It tastes like roe-slimy, pops in your mouth, and a tad fishy.

Next time I plan to take the kayak out for a bit of rowing. Anyone care to join me?! BYOS! (Bring your own sunscreen).

My brother and his family.

Marine smorgasbord!

Close-up of coral

The clam I found!

Fishing spot…orange formation is more coral!

Heart-shaped coral branch! I HAD to take a pic!

Heart-shaped leaf and a HUG**