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OH MY STARS and STRIPES! I haven’t been this stoked since I first discovered the plethora of yuri anime online! I feel like I’ve walked through the doors of Victoria’s Secret having a MEGA SALE!

Beyond-the-moon thanks to the effortful yuri team over at Dynasty Scans and Lililicious for getting the gears rolling for this reader. Currently there aren’t much manga uploaded onto the library. Now before you get your panties all in a bunch the new additions are being added on the fly. Let me emphasize how much these two lines resonate within my soul:

Welcome to Dynasty-Scans new online manga reader! We are still in the process of the initial upload of chapters, so if you don’t see your favorite series check back again soon.

To offer some insight on this hot-off-the-press addition into the lovely world of Yuri, I found it to be FABULOUS right off the bat! Why?! It provides us with a buffet of visual stimuli by exhibiting 100% yurilicous manga covers…just like shopping!

A bit of constructive criticism: The Recent Releases page is decent if not a tad outdated in appearance. It could use a little more of a Web 2.0 polish. However, where the DS reader’s eye-candy lacks in frills it makes up in ease of navigation, organization, and quality of content. It’s simple and clean! The main page serves its rightful purpose in showing you what is HOT!

Features I like:

  • Main page gets straight to the point. You find out what’s new AND what’s popular. Surely what’s popular gives you an idea of what manga are good reads.
  • NO ADS! I’d like express how many times I’ve accidentally pressed on an ad in some of the readers out there because they cleverly position it adjacent to the “next” button! *bows to the DS team*
  • Download page and download chapter options.
  • Fullscreen Mode with a black background! Nice and easy on the eyes
  • Mega organized! Have a particular mangaka, title, or group you want to find?! They’ve taken the hassle out of not only finding those, but making it a picnic discovering new manga to tantalize your taste buds!
  • You can simply hit the right or left arrow button to glide through pages instead of having to use your cursor. This makes reading mounds quicker!

What can be improved upon and some suggestions:

  • I need to resize my screen by zooming out in order to see the entire page. Unless the text is extremely tiny then having it large by default is fine. Showcasing the entire page would save more time. If the text is too small, then one can utilize zoom-in mode.
  • Section for comments. Yes there are some blogs out there that review manga, but adding this feature would further help yuri peers decide on what to read.
  • A rating function. Chapter popularity and chapter views isn’t necessarily a clear indicator that a manga is good. People tend to click on the latest release and read it before making conclusions. Ratings and comments are an efficacious pair for readers.
  • More Yuri-Scan Groups. It would be ROCKING to see Tranquil Spring, Wings of Yuri, and Tsundere Tranlastions, to name a few, on there.
  • This last suggestion is minor. I’d like to see less page real-estate and two columns for Recent Releases. The 4 releases for May 17th extend beneath the Popular category making it look a bit awkward. More features like “Featured Manga”, “Top Rated”, etc..can be added to compensate for that empty space.

The DS reader is my new found yuri-licious playground and I am whole-heartedly loving it! Kyaaaaa!

More screenshots!

Fullscreen mode

Series Page


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