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Nakayo shared this recipe with me and I decided to give it a shot! I have to say it tastes quite different from a pancake one would have from iHop, but in a good way. The texture is very moist, fluffy, and you can feel the small bits of ricotta as you eat. The taste of the pancake itself is light and the honeycomb butter adds a unique flavor with the bits of honeycomb chocolate and sweetness of the honey. If I could do something different to this recipe, I would add a teaspoon of vanilla and add some fresh berries just to see how that would taste. Needless to say, my parents enjoyed it and asked me to make more tomorrow morning.  Maybe they just want me to cook. -_-

Not sure how often I’d make these pancakes as it has several more steps involved than making traditional pancakes from scratch.

Tip: Read how to make the entire recipe. I accidentally threw away the egg whites thinking I wasn’t going to use it. I ended up using 8 eggs. The egg whites need to be beaten toward the end until it almost looks like whipped cream then folded into the mixture in two batches.

You also need a food processor to finely mix the honeycomb (I used the Crunchie bar), butter, and honey together.

If you feel up for it, check out the recipe HERE!