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A joint post from Me (black) and Nakayo (blue) from Yasashii sekai… The flow could be better but given this is our first time co-operation, please bear with us!! We will improve on future posts!! Enjoy!! ^_^

For fans of The L Word series, I think you’ll enjoy The “Real” L Word. However,  I am much more fascinated by The Real L Word. It’s pretty entertaining!

Surely, just by looking at the name you probably have a decent idea of what this show is about. That’s right – a reality show that looks into the lives of 6 lesbians that currently reside in L.A. Although promoted as “this is as real as it can get” – the truth is that most of these women have very glamorous jobs so they’re far from “normal” if you know what I mean. However, I don’t mine this that much although others online get a bit worked up on this point. I mean, it IS a TV show at the end of the day. Of course everyone is more interested in watching about a TV producer’s struggles as a lesbian!

So the 6 women are:

  • Mikey – a fashion producer who is a workaholic and struggles to balance work and her relationship with her girlfriend and soon to be committed partner. I personally find her really interesting to watch (a surprise even to myself) as there is a real chemistry between her and her girlfriend. They’re quite cute together!
  • Tracy – 26 year old TV producer who only recently identified herself as a lesbian. She’s a very attractive brunette and is in a relationship with a woman who has 3 kids! X_X THREE! Amongst them all, she seems quite down to earth. I like watching about this story too. ^_^
  • Nikki x Jill – the two of them knew each other as a child but only reacquainted a few years back and are now engaged. These two seem to be quite private and as Nikki describes herself, she’s the straightest gay person you can meet. Interesting…they’re basically like any other settled couple.
  • Rose – basically a “reformed” player. Is in a 7 month steady relationship and is trying to stay committed but you know things are going to be rocky when she says she only just realised that kissing is cheating. UH HUH…No DUH!
  • Whitney – another player in the party scene. She’s always breaking hearts and considers herself, always looking for love but loses to lust. *ROLLS EYES*

If you can’t tell already, I’ve pretty much ranked the characters in order of my interest! They may change but that is my view after one episode. In episode 1, we get a brief glimpse on each woman and their current status quo.

My Episode 1 minicap:
1. Tracy….girl teases us with only wearing her bra and panties
2. Jill gently caresses Nikki’s breasts
3. Mikey and Raquel like to role-play
4. Rose and Natalie get kinky in bed
5. Whitney is a decent hostess if you visit her you’ll leave satisfied…physically.

I feel like I can identify with each of these women in some way (okay maybe except for Whitney and Rose) and it’s pretty cool how it’s set in “real” L.A.  Kind of makes me want to fly over there and check out all those hot spots! Pertaining to Whitney and her statement,”Lust is easy, it’s love that’s hard for me.” Lust is easy but people don’t have to react to it all the damn time. Guess for some people it’s hard not to accept the power of the clam when it’s thrown in your face, especially if the women are hot. As long as there is a mutual understanding between Whitney and her gal pals they can fling in and out of LAX as long as they want! Hey it’s her life and she can do with it how she pleases, but it doesn’t mean I agree!

I’m looking forward to watching more on these ladies and their relationships. It’s helpful to note that each lady offers her afterthoughts of each episode through their blog here! Reading the posts reminds me that TV can exaggerate and misconstrue what really happens. From Nikki and Jill’s posts we find out that they are both extremely in love, serious about their relationship, and Jill’s best guy friend, Derek, is also best buddies with Nikki. I’m really rooting for these two ladies! The idea of same-sex marriages is extremely new to me so I’m curious to see how they transition.

Further these ladies are in the works to produce a documentary on a book I’m currently reading, Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire. Which brings me to the question that is raised at the beginning of Episode 2: “What kind of lesbian are you?” I like how Jill and Tracy dodge that question. Jill: “You love who you love and can’t that be the end of it?” Can’t we just be ourselves loving someone else? I love the person and not necessarily the gender.

When you first hear this question, you would probably think this is a very normal question. I thought so too but then Jill asks, “do you go around asking a straight person what kind of straight person they are?”. I think that is a very fair comment. Why do we need to categorize lesbians? Butch, femme etc.

Episode 2 opens up to some of the problems in each relationship. Some we knew that was already there and others we didn’t know existed.

  • Mikey is running into a tight situation at work. I like the reaction on her face when she sees Raquel – she’s so smitten!! Awww.
  • Tracy is starting to ask what she has got herself into. Three kids is a big ask for someone who was having a single girl’s lifestyle.
  • Nikki has some insecurities with Jill. It doesn’t help that Jill’s best mate (a guy) is considering a permanent move to LA – and as you guessed, yes, there used to be feelings between Jill and the guy. Jill is keen on him to stay. Oh boy…
  • Rose and Natalie have an intense argument…will they break up?
  • Whitney…I’m not even going to bother talking about her. She’s digging herself a grave. Her house mate, Alyssa is giving her some sensible advice. Hopefully it will get thru into that thick mass of dreadlocks.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen the preview for Episode 3 it’s going to send you into a spin! For many people the degree of separation is around 6% but I think for the lesbians living in L.A. it’s around1.5%! It’s more like you meet one and you’ll probably meet the rest of them! The “Chart” from the original L Word is true ladies! Nakayo and I are definitely looking forward to watching more of this show!

EXTRA – Some fun terms to lightly brush upon:

  • L.A. Fashion Week – Showcases the best of west coast fashion during March and October.
  • Futch – woman between a feminine and a butch
  • Pumps – women in heels or another word for Femme
  • Pants – Butches that know how to hold a hammer.
  • Power of the Clam – strength of attraction in which a woman can attract other women
  • U-Haul It – What a lesbian brings on a second date. This basically means move in together using a U-Haul Truck.
  • Top – You like to take the reigns on things. You’re more of the giver as opposed to the recipient” – Whitney.