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Thanks to Hynavian over at Hynavian.com for informing me about this series.

Set in New York we have to young girls, Vivianne and Aster about 16 years of age, who start a long distance relationship. Vivianne relocates with her father outside New York City because of a medical condition. Throughout the 3 episodes, Vivianne begins her transition in a new home with her Aunt Jodie, new school, new friends, and managing her relationship with Aster. The first 3 episodes were typical of teenage romance scenes. There is also a lot of kissing! Just wanted to put that out there! :P

From http://www.anyonebutmeseries.com/:

The world changed and so did they. Introducing a new generation searching for love and belonging in the post 9/11 age.

The girls also don’t appear like 16 yr olds. Nicole Pacent that plays Aster is pretty hot! I love her pink bra!
Rachael Hip-Flores who plays Vivianne also received Best Actress Streamys award for a Drama Series. She’s cute in this photo!