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Not sure what it is about zombie and vampire movies, but it’s one of those horror movies I find myself watching all the time. Must be the badass protagonists that have to defeat them!

After watching Canaan, I’ve been jonesing to watch a good action anime series. Happiness abounds with Gakuen Mokushiroku (High School of the Dead/HOTD)! From start to finish of episode one I was at the edge of my bed. LOVE the animation! I’m sitting there watching and I’m like,”WOW the sakura blossoms are sooooo pretty!” and “Oohh the sky!” as blood splatters everywhere.

Take something gory like zombies biting into humans then place the event of mayhem during the spring of blossoming sakura trees and you have a porn-landscape horror show that doesn’t seem so scary! <3 The sky images were absolutely breathtaking! I had to prevent myself from taking a load of screen shots just for the sky alone!

High School of the Dead is on my Watchlist for sure!


Moving on to some screenshots of episode 1!

This is the first image we see! LOVELY!!

What a beautiful zombie-filled day!

There is something very erotic about this image. A woman pushed up against the fence…super bra to not quite fit her super boobs. I kind of hope this bra makes several more appearances. *wink*

I can smell the fear….let’s remain calm now people….

OR NOT! Everyone! Let’s stampede toward the zombies!

Here is someone that has caught my eye. RAWR! She looks pretty badass! Can’t wait to see her in action! For those of you with your minds in the gutter….”FIGHTING ACTION”! :P

Zombies have such nice scenery…

Yup! “It’s only a flesh wound” folks so let’s move on! This scene cracked me up! If a bit of MY flesh tore off, I’d probably go into shock! He’s hardcore!


On the day everything came to an end…I…killed my best friend…and held the one I love for the first time.

Now for some Tenjou Tenge goodness because Rei looks like she could be the younger sibling to sisters Maya and Aya. Madhouse also produced Tenjou Tenge!

Thought I’d throw in my fav part :)

I can never get tired of Episode 1…