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I am going to declare my fanlady love for Piper Perabo and admit to watching Imagine Me & You at least a dozen times or so. I was also once one of those disillusioned women thinking that her and Lena Headey would somehow be a couple in real life. *sigh* They’d make a powerhouse yuri couple! SEE!!!

Alright, now we have Miss Piper starring in her own TV series about spies that airs on July 13th!! SAVE THE DATE! (Shaiza! I realize I have a crapload of stuff to watch now, especially TV shows!) It’s notable to mention that the director of the show is also the director of The Bourne Trilogy AND Mr. and Mrs. Smith. So you know this show is going to be rocking in terms of high intensity action fighting scenes!

Piper playing spy with a gun in a skirt beating up people… <3×999999999 I CANNOT WAIT!

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