From what I can recall my dream started out with me and a bunch of friends going on a trip together. None of these people were any real friend I actually know.

As we were getting settled in this new place, there were strange occurences. People went missing. One of my guy friends accidentally fell off a cliff and another guy friend jumped to save him. Luckily both were hanging by a vine one guy quickly caught with his shoes.

I reached down and grabbed his shoes then yelled for others to help me. People rushed over and the two guys were safe back up the cliff.

We all headed back into the house and began talking to the concierge about the freaky shite that’s been happening. He said we were in a haunted house called Bruce Hill and that the ghost of Bruce was about to make an appearance. O_O Then I looked at one of the girls that did our booking and asked her why she booked a haunted house! She said because it looked nice and she didn’t have time to read the reviews. I said,”Read the reviews next time!”-_-“

Before the concierge unleashed all the ghosts, we hightailed out of there! The new place had a lot of brown in it and it was less fancy than the other one. At least there were no ghosts! I opened one of our bags and inside it was swollen with CASH! $$$$$$$ The money was  given to us by the haunted house psychos because they felt bad for the misunderstanding. O_O

Thinking about that, I’d probably be skeptical if a stranger gave me a bag of cash. What do they want from me? Am I signing my soul away? I’d never accept money if it came from a haunted mansion, even if it had hot babes! :P