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Judging from the pace of the trailer below, Natural Woman is a melancholy and complicated weave of relationships between three women. Release date for the DVD via Amazon Japan is August 27th 2010. This is normally not my cup of tea as I much prefer light-hearted romantic lady love comedies that leave me both feeling “Aww that was cute!” or I actually learned something.

What has caught my attention is the lead is also a photographer! (and maybe the seductive movie poster…) But COME ON! Why does almost every movie poster within the girl on girl genre HAVE to be two women in a FROZEN CHU or clad in her birthday suit?! I don’t want to watch JUST the sex! I want a fantastic storyline dammit or at least a funny one! Let’s play a little game shall we and see if you can recognize the movies below based on the posters. (answers at the end of this post)


Synopsis from IMDb which sounds pretty interesting except the trailer is meh.

Yoko and Hanayo fell in love while working together as manga artist at their university newspaper. The intensity of their affair was such that for years after their breakup Yoko avoided forming any new relationships. However, after finding employment as a photographer with a small magazine, Yoko meets Yuriko, an attractive editor, and sets upon a path to seduce her. Just when she thinks she has found a new life, Yoko has a chance encounter with Hanayo that triggers old feelings.

CAST: Yukari…..H-O-T

Trailer: Makes me feel like the movie is wrought with sadness!

Answers to the game:

1. Better Than Chocolate 2. Topless 3. High Art

4. Spider Lilies 5. If These Walls Could Talk 2 6. And Then Came Lola