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I will not be blogging on episodic recaps of High School of the Dead. Instead, because I heart this series for its entertainment value, I will be blogging on my fav and not so fav scenes of each episode including highlights of Busujima Saeko. Check out a full episode recap post from Nakayo over at Yasashii Sekai here.


HOTD maintains the same chaotic-zombie-head-smashing-thrill-ride momentum as Episode 1! Except this time we get are introduced to my new favourite character of the show, Busujima Saeko!! <3<3<3

Saeko emulates badassery with a touch of wisdom, compassion, cuteness, and will not bat an eye when it comes to ripping expensive skirts…

hmmmm…..judging from the sliver of pantie we see here this is either a thong or a bikini that reveals partial bum cheeks. My guess is the latter-super pantie to not quite fit the super boinging bum. Oops…momentary yuri relapse..

Most Useful Character so far: SAEKO!!!!!!! Who do I want alongside me during a zombie invasion? SAEKO FROM CLASS 3A

Most Useless Character so far: Shizuka (unless you don’t mind being slapped in the face by an oversized boob)

Most Messed Up Predicament: Ishii Kazu trying to save Shizuka Sensei. I can see his gallantry, but Shizuka doesn’t even know who the kid is as he’s being attacked by zombies. Who knows maybe some of the stuff she grabbed in exchange for his life will actually come in useful in later episodes.

Fav Fighting Combo move: Takashi and Rei on the school rooftop!

Fav Lulz: Hirano! Hahaha!

Fav Awwwww Moment: Rei and Takashi *plays Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”*

Lastly, with my yuri goggles at max level- BEST YURI MOMENT: Saeko tearing Shizuka Sensei’s skirt hehehehe….