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Yubi (“Finger”) is based upon the novel of the same name, written by Matsumoto Seichou. The story centers around Fukue Yumiko (played by Goto Maki), a stage actress who strives for fame at all costs. In order to fulfill her ambitions, she ends up in a lesbian love triangle with the top member of her theatrical troupe, Kitaoka Miho (Takaoka Saki) and Tsuneko (Manda Hisako), the wife of a rich executive. However, industrious variety show reporter Suzuki Kaori (Hoshino Mari), reporting on serial killings, stumbles upon the secrets of Fukue’s past.


First of all, the title of the movie translated into English is Finger. That is just as disturbing a title as the entire movie.  I’m not delving straight into the details of the movie. To sum it up in a nutshell, it’s a drama film about two young women sleeping their way up the ladder of their careers. I’d say the best part was the beginning. Where the two women are having a friendly exchange and Fumiko eats ramen. mmMmm Ramen…

The most disturbing part of the movie? The bartender putting Fumiko’s finger in her mouth at the voodoo lesbian bar and you hear the exaggerated wet slurpy sound effect, granted the slurpy sound wasn’t as bad as Mendol Ikemen Idol. I’ll spare everyone the screenshot of that part. This bar is so creepy! If I ever go into a gay bar, I hope seduction isn’t a form of greeting.

Movie: 6 (This is me being generous)

Yuri: 7 (Super mild love scenes between the women. There isn’t any kissing and the two leads aren’t really lesbians)

Overall the movie was okay. Despite the confusing storyline and creepiness of the movie, it was entertaining enough to not have me fall asleep at 1 am. It was however, disturbing enough to make me shudder a teenie bit when I think about this movie. Should you watch it? Sure why not. jMovies in this genre are hard to come by and it’s not that bad.

Watch the movie through these links below:
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