Coordinator and jActor, Yano Ryuji

Yesterday I stumbled on the opportunity to meet the cast of Queen’s Island on their initial days of shooting. Since it was my first time on a movie shoot, I was extremely excited! Although this movie appears to be low budget and set to only be released in a handful of cinemas in Tokyo, it was interesting to catch a glimpse of how a movie gets sculpted and how the actors act off set.

Queen’s Island is basically a movie about a ship that goes down and 5 survivors (1 man and 4 women) become stranded on an island. The 4 women fight over the guy. -__-” Harem alert!

Several things that occurred that day.

  • The coordinator taught me a slang word for “someone who cannot make up his/her mind” – “Kamtoto Botejaneyo” (sp?). Anyway, when I attempted to say it outloud for the first time, I accidentally said,”Camel Toe” X_X I didn’t even realize I said that until he burst out laughing repeating what I had said! Hahaha!
  • They only evidence of them being stranded are the realistic looking scars on two of the women’s faces and mismatched footwear. Other than that, they all looked camera-ready!
  • I meet a guy I knew from high school! O_O
  • Producing a low budget movie like that can be hard work! The crew had to fashion their own raft, chop wood, and use whatever else they could find for the props.

I was only able to squeeze out a few cast names: Yano Ryuji played by the guy, Abe Mariko (she starred in several jdramas under another more famous stage name :X), and Rika Kawamura. After they were done eating their bentos for lunch underneath the coconut trees, I asked them all for their autographs and took photos with them. They were all super nice and energetic! (^_^)V

jActress Abe Mariko… *gets a fan*