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When I look at this photo, I think of a tsunami. What I love about art in general is it allows me to muse beyond what is on face value. I’m a highly analytical person, maybe too analytical at times. I’m always frisking for the reason behind the reason. We get pounded hard with the tsunamis of life, yet we all manage to pull through and survive. Though it may take some time, the sky will eventually become clear again.

These tsunamis wash up on our shores and it’s up to us to release what we don’t want or need-whether it be a bad relationship, fear, doubt, anger, or the more concrete junk that clutters our space.  Still, we need to be mindful not to let what’s most precious to us be tossed right out. Tsunamis are also not the quick fix to everything, but they do allow us to reflect on what we really want and stride at taking a step towards that, unwavering in our fortitude. Ultimately, only we can allow ourselves to change for the better or for the worse.