As if I NEED another show to start watching! But I figured since a friend recommended we start the series together and I enjoyed Hells Kitchen, I stepped the gas on this one! It’s also been a full week and I haven’t taken a break from moving among other things! I think I deserve to relax for a few hours!

The outline of the show is just like American Idol except you have amateur chefs aspiring to become master chefs with a grand prize of $250,000, the title of Master Chef, and their very own cookbook.

It’s inspiring to see people chase their dreams with the passion they have so this show brought tears to my eyes! AHHH! Is it just me or are more and more people playing that cry-and-make-them-feel-sorry-for-you card on these kind of shows? The first dude with the hat to take the apron and the physician are my favorites in the show so far.

There is also something about Joe Bastianich that I find attractive. He has this look that I finding alluring because I cannot read that Rocky-like face below that shiny bald head of his!