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I leave you with one of my fav colorful photos from the Venetian hotel at Las Vegas I took mid-last year. Busy with COLOR! ^_^

Hey guys! Things have gotten crazy busy for me the past week or so! To bring things up to speed, I received an internship with no pay at a local Advertising Agency. Of course I wasn’t too keen on that proposal considering I have bills to pay along with other obligations, but I REALLY wanted the job! The owner of the company said he’ll pay me after a month, but decided to hire me full-time last Friday after 5 days on the job! I’m pretty damn psyched about that!

Right now I’m training as an Account Executive and officially the copywriter for the company. I really don’t know how I got into this line of work, but it’s extremely busy and best of all I ENJOY MY JOB! My schedule consists of waking up at 6 am and finally settling down to relax by 9:30 pm. When 11 pm hits, I’m struggling to stay awake! Therefore, it’s become more difficult to blog and rendezvous online.

Oh and I have a new fabulous excuse to go shopping for new clothes!

Another side note: It’s interesting how ironic life can be sometimes. I am now working on a campaign for a gubernatorial candidate that I absolutely dislike. His running mate is also a relative of mine. ARGH! *prays hard to kami-sama*