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Over the weekend there was a birthday BBQ at the beach and it was raining like crazy! Literally! Rain would come in spurts, but in all sorts of directions. First from the north, then the south, and then from the north again! Huddling in two small canopies did little to help me stay dry let alone trying to keep away from my cousin who was set on picking me up and throwing me in the ocean! It was quite entertaining watching everyone else being thrown in! My heels are just way too quick for them! Hahahaha!

The image above is of some lady that took cover in our canopy from the rain. She declined the beer we offered her and drank a soda instead. Speaking of beer, I had two sips of Corona but I just couldn’t continue drinking more. No matter how much I try to drink beer, I just can’t acquire the taste! Before the evening was up, I settled with a refreshing bottle of pina colada. YUM!