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  • True Blood – What can I say about this show except the cliffhangers are SO FRIGGIN WRONG!! Wrong in the sense that right when it reaches climax it ends! NOOO!  I’m  jonsing to watch the next episode soon after the last one ended. That isn’t helping me to get much of anything else done. I have to tear myself away from my laptop in order to be semi-productive. If left up to me and if I were physically capable, I would catchup and marathon the entire show.

I have so many mixed emotions about this show because it’s so what-the-f. There was way too much gore and dead gruesome bodies that I was going to drop it, but I read spoilers online about Eric and Sookie so now I think I’ll continue. Plus my colleague said it gets better!

I’m on Season 2 Episode 3 right now. Sookie looks like Goldilocks if Mama bear knocked her a shiner for sleeping with Papa Bear. Tara and Sam are in a load of trouble with that creepy lady. Lafayete supposedly is turning vampire. Jason joined a crazy cult and tries to be a good boy. Still all pretty whack!

  • Rizzoli and Isles – I’m still loving Jane and Maura’s tag team relationship. They have amazing chemistry. Hoyt is such a classic villain reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter that I truly dislike him. I don’t even want to watch episodes with him in it anymore because he’s so creepy! UGH!

I’m on Episode 9.

  • Cover Affairs – Only one reason for me to watch  – PIPER PERABO!

I’m on Episode 10

  • High School of the Dead – Action, comedy, and ZOMBIES! The ecchi is over the top, but it’s still entertaining! Hahaha! Action is meh right now since they reached Takagi’s parent’s fortress of a home. Oh and how come no one told me there is a yuri-esque scene?! It HAD to be the one episode I skipped over! Giant boobs scare me though. -_-” 411 boobs do float on water.

I’m on Episode 12