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Online lesbian shows are slowly but surely increasing in number. Now UK’s Faye Hughes has created Far Out, the first ever lesbian online show revolving around lesbians and bi-sexuals. Sounds interesting enough.

I’ve seen the first episode of Far Out and would highly recommend these other two series to watch first if you have not seen them already, 3 Way TV and Anyone But Me. I recommend the other two only because the humor of 3 Way TV will not disappoint you and Anyone But Me is more like an actual story of two girls in a relationship.


The first episode of Far Out takes place in a lesbian bar where a bunch of friends have some drinks and talk about girls. Typical. The scene abruptly breaks and there you see one of the girls in bed typing on her laptop only to take it off her lap and pull out a vibrator in order to fix it. Here I was like “WHOAH!”. -_-” That should have been the very first scene if they wanted to make a memorable introduction to the show! This had to be the funniest part of the episode. She fixes her vibrator, sticks it back in somewhere underneath the covers (use your imagination :P), types on her laptop to someone, her vibrator stops working again, she tries to turn on the TV instead, the remote control doesn’t work, then she tip toes into her roommate’s bedroom to secretly steal her vibrator to use! OMG!

The rest of the episode is talks about relationships etc… The only qualm I have about this show is the friggin AUDIO! Is it just me or do they sound like they’re speaking from a megaphone?! It’s really echoey and it doesn’t help that it takes effort for me to understand their bloody British accent! I’m at the point where I’m like,”If they don’t look like they’re doing something interesting, then it’s not worth the effort for me to try and decipher what the hell they are saying.”

Far Out is a tell-it-how-it-is window on the lives of a group of friends living in London. Already being hailed as the lesbian Queer As Folk, and drawing comparisons with This Life, Far Out is the creation of new talent Faye Hughes. ~http://www.farouttv.co.uk/

Still, definitely check it out! Visit the official site here:http://www.farouttv.co.uk/. So far there are 3 episodes out!