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My wonderful yuri friend Sachiko finally has her own scanlating group, Kawaii Scans, hard at work in yuri-dom! Yay! I’m pretty excited about this and wanted to share it with everyone! If you don’t know Sachiko, she has also done work for Lillilicious!! She is also a talented artist!

Please support them!

Current projects:

  • Kanamemo (yurific!)
  • Poor Poor Lips (worth checking out)
  • Rui-Rui (haven’t read yet)
  • Zettai Shoujo Seiki Amnesian (super dodgy!)

Kawaii Scans is a small group that deals with yuri or yuri related manga. It was officially formed on 10/10/10 after changing group names from “Sachiko” to better reflect the group as a whole instead of just the founder. Before that the group released 6 things under the name of “Sachiko”. ~Kawaii Scans About Me Page