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If only you can see how ecstatic I am about this! My hyper meter goes off the wall whenever a yuri anime/manga becomes adapted! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I shall expect nothing less than awesomeness from Mistah Sam Raimi shall he flesh out the two yuri kickass characters from Noir.

So I googled more about this upcoming live action project and Sam Raimi along with producer Rob Tapert (his well known works include Xena and The Grudge >_<) has caught the eyes of STARZ.

Synopsis from Wikipedia:

The series follows the story of two young female assassins who embark together on a personal journey to seek answers about mysteries from their past. While at first they seem to be only vaguely related to each other, there are clues and hints given throughout the series that there are more than meets their eyes. During the course of the series, they are lured into more and more traps by a secret organization named Les Soldats (“The Soldiers” in French).

After watching Noir about 2 yrs ago, I remember not liking the ending. Yet the OST is pretty good and considered by many amazing. There are a handful of songs I particularly enjoy.