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These two pages were just the right yuri dosage I needed today. After Mari and Akko finally become a couple, we see the fairy-sized Akko get depressed because she doesn’t know how they can have sex! So what do they do?! They TRY to have sex! I don’t know about you, but I never thought about having sex with a giant before! Well Morinaga has given us a taste of what the foreplay is going to be like should you ever. Thanks again Morinaga…hahaha

Morinaga’s dodgy sense of humor cracks me up! Ever wonder if a mangaka or any author for that matter, projects parts of themselves in the characters they create?

If I had to choose which character best portrays myself, it would totally be Akko!! Hahahaha!

Thank you Morinaga for providing us with these extra stories to help slowly heal our Girl Friends withdrawal wounds. Thank you Dynasty Scans Reader and thank you my little imouto KARKAR!