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“The first time I ever went to a gay bar, I was super femme. So I had long blow dried hair, I walked in with acrylic nails, I walked in with a handbag, heels, and a skirt. Nobody even looked at me for a second. It was like I was kryptonite because they didn’t take me seriously as a lesbian. After that, I pretty much cut my hair, dyed it black, wore clothes that were too big for me, walked in a picked up straight away.” -Yas

First let me just point out that the last two words “Straight away” were a funny little pun. Now why do you ask I pulled this quote from Yas in Generation L’s 2nd episode? Well it had me asking a few questions.

  • Is it really like that in gay bars? I’ve never been to one.
  • Do I really have to change the way I looked and dressed just to be taken seriously? I’m a femme. BUT I DO NOT wear acrylic nails and my nails are always short. Long nails are a big NO when you are with a woman.

I honestly don’t feel like I need to change how I dress or look just for someone to take me seriously. I’ve been told long hair suits me. Chopping it off would be out of the question. The LGBT community always looks for acceptance. Why can’t everyone just accept people for who they are instead of having to judge people based on physical appearance alone? If/When I walk into a gay bar looking like my unique femme-self, I don’t plan to pick up women. I’d like to meet interesting people with interesting stories and lives.

Generation L Episode 2:

Thanks to Nakayo over at Yasashii Sekai for sharing the news with me!