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The dream begins with me looking at a map of a university campus similar to Google Earth. People were hustling and bustling to get to classes. Amidst all the bustle, my eye caught a glimpse of someone that seemed to walk straight into a glass wall. I panned the camera around to see where he went but it was just a glass window-nothing else.

I decided to walk down to campus to check out that mysterious area. At first I was thinking I probably imagined it all until I touched the glass. It felt nothing like the cold, hard, smooth texture glass normally would feel like. The sensation was like a magnetic pull one feels when you play with magnets that don’t stick together but I was being pulled in the direction inside of the glass.

Of course I made up my mind to go inside. It was like another part of the University except people there seemed more extreme with the type of personalities you see in Vampire shows. Somehow it was like everyone was expecting me and I was branded on the side of my jaw with a subtle scar the shape of a circle with a diagonal slash in it.

I was now one of them with powers I had yet to discover.

The dream ends with me accidentally stumbling out of the inner world wall to the outside world. Just as my luck turns two cops were outside and asking me questions. Two elder “inner world” people came to my rescue and I watched them persuade the cops that nothing happened. That’s when I learned we were able to “enchant” outside people just like in Trueblood. Last thing I see is a Harley being driven off to some part of the “inner world”.

The photo I have above I altered to an abstract/distorted almost dreamlike image suitable for this dream post. I love how the patterns remind me of a chess board.