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Torajiro Kishi is my FAV manga illustrator. Her character illustrations are like a splice between staple Japanese manga illustrations and Marvel. I have a pillow spot for stories and illustrations that look realistic-truer to real life people and events. That said, Torajiro Kishi is excellent with her erotic mangas like Maka Maka because not only do the girls look more realistic, but snippets of her scenes actually do happen in real life.

Here we have in Kissing Mars, two high school girls that happen to become friends after one sees the other kissing the statue of Mars. One girl already has a boyfriend while the other longs to be in a relationship. The cliche ensues as they become closer until Miki goes on her first date and the other girl gets jealous-normal when someone else is in the picture and you end up spending less time with the person you care about.

In the scenes leading up to the kiss, I could feel the nervousness and suspense through the characters. Her depictions of the two voluptuous glistening lips semi-touching one another are perfectly frozen to give the reader that sense of a slow intimate softness that comes with kissing a woman. No Frenching….just a gentle and sweet lip to lip.

Thank you Torajiro Kishi for adding that extra touch of drama by having a light ray subtly project out through their kiss. ~Reminds me of Tracy’s illuminated *BEEP* on the main poster of The Real L Word. To conclude, 4 Chapters is enough to showcase the premise of this manga which is priceless once you get to the juicy scenes.

Download the subbed chapters from amazing Tranquil Spring here.