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I’ll skip the beginning part of my dream which to me seemed more like a nightmare than anything. This part of my dream I look and feel different than everyone else around me, my friends and family. I’m dancing the tango with an old school guy friend of mine I consider my brother to this day. He grabs me by my legs and spins me around,  pulling me through a pile of leaves not touching the ground. At first I get extremely frightened that he will drop me but then I let him whirl me inches from the ground still holding me by the legs. I feel that rush like I’m being dropped but I never fall. (I think this part of my dream is on account of watching too much Dancing With The Stars)

Next I’m back on the ground but I’m with a woman. She’s my girlfriend. I can’t see her face but her aura feels like Kate Winslet. I’m in a white sundress running through a meadow full of white and yellow flowers that sway against the breeze. I hear the words, “begging” from her lips calling out to me as she runs after me but I continue to run away from her toward the metal fence just like in the photo above. Her words echo, “I’m begging you to stay…….” and Adele’s song “Rolling in the Deep” begins to play softly in the background. I’m running away from her because I’m afraid to be with her-afraid that I’ve fallen too far in love with her that I don’t want to face it anymore.

Once I reach the fence, I climb over it. I stand still staring at this unfamiliar overgrown grassland land full of vines and wild flowers that look extremely parched. I see a much older woman, in her 60s perhaps. She looks quite old and with crowsfeet around her eyes. However, she is someone I know and beyond the wrinkles I can see a graceful beauty. She almost resembles Audrey Hepburn with her dark hair tied loosely back, her pale complexion and her tender youthful eyes. The longer I’m with her the more beautiful she becomes. Suddenly a dried up yellow flower next to the woman comes to life and turns into another woman confessing her long lost love for her. Then a different flower transforms into a woman. There are about 4 women now hugging one another having come from flowers. This grassland was full of women who held onto their love for so long they turned into flowers and once they found their love again they transformed back into women.

While I watch this touching event unfold before me, a wilted sunflower slowly turns to face me. It transforms into the woman I ran away from beyond the fence and says to me,”I’ve loved you for a lifetime…..” She too turned into a flower and waited for me. She finally found me and we were able to finally be together.

I begin to cry……I could feel my heart and chest swelling……..then I wake up.  That is why I’m up at 4:30 in the morning writing this strange dream. Time doesn’t exist in a dream until you wake up.