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Let’s begin with comparing the trailers shall we?
The Real L Word Season 1

The Real L Word Season 2

My enthusiasm for The Real L Word couldn’t be over the moon when I first saw the trailer. Finally there is a show about lesbians, their backgrounds and how they lived their lives day to day being open about their sexuality. I learned about their first experience with another woman, what they feel being with a woman is like and why they’ve chosen to lead that type of lifestyle despite the challenges that take hold same-sex couples. Seeing beautiful successful women who can be happy together in marriage or family gives me hope.

I could relate to the women in The Real L Word Season 1 having gone through many of the same experiences myself. That was my draw. Season 1 touched on some of the most sensitive issues: coming out to family and having them accept you, marriage and children.

The Real L Word Season 2 feels like a mashup of a few more Whitneys and a couple more people to add to the issues many lesbians face: dating and having a child. The same desire I had when I first watched the show is waning.

I’ll admit that Whitney can be sweet, nice, cool and charming in her Jamaican up-do way. I can also see loving her to death if she were my friend but I don’t want to see a bunch of women arguing about who the hell they love or about cheating. I’m tired of watching Whitney saying “I don’t know what to do.” I’m tired of the women that throw themselves at her then become a victim from heartbreak so we can feel sorry for them. Those women aren’t stupid…or are they? Whitney is Whitney and if she’s not ready to commit to one person then get ready for the clit stimulating emotional joyride of your life. It’s like going to McDonald’s because it’s always around, it’s comfortable, you know it’s good, it’s fast and easy but you’re too lazy to invest in another chain of restaurant. Sorry for the shitty comparison but there are other non-Whitney women out there that are faithful, understand how to treat a woman emotionally and are ready for a real relationship…….I’m just sayin’.

Showtime is screwed up for spotlighting this Season’s focus on SEX and relationship problems because not only does that magnify a negative stereotype on lesbians but it gives those women in the show a negative image as well. Again..I’m just sayin’….except I think Whitney will always be cool in the eyes of most lesbians in America. Also, Tracy and Stamie I miss you.

I’ll continue to watch it for a few more episodes. Hopefully it gets better…