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Why have I never been to a gay bar before?! Good question. Simply put, none of my friends ever went so when the opportunity presented itself to attend a Pride Party, I decided that I would stop waiting for someone to go with and scope it out for myself.

My first dilemma: What was I going to wear?! After watching several lesbian reality TV shows, one piece of advice was no one looked at or was interested in a femme at a gay bar. The whole sassy dress, nails did and done up hair apparently screamed I’m-not-a-serious-lesbian. I refrained from dressing too femme and opted to wear a black tank top with a gray corduruy buttoned vest, black slacks, black stiletto boots topped with a hat. My accessories composed of multiple black and silver bracelets on my left wrist, two rings and a pair of diamond shaped silver earrings.

I was ready! Party begins at 9pm but I decided to be a bit late…30 mins late. When I got there I was in fact, early. The parking lot was sparse so I double checked my Facebook Events page to see if I had the date and time wrong. There it was June 11th 9pm. Can you tell I have not frequented a club in a long time!? Go time to a club is usually 11:30pm.

My first impression was typical club-dark, neon lights, disco balls and techno music bouncing off the walls. I went straight into the restroom to powder and ask myself what the heck I was doing going there alone! I mosied to the bar and ordered a strawberry margarita with my free drink ticket. A couple sips and a look up, I see a guy waving at me from across the bar calling my name. It’s Joe! Praise yuri for he was an acquaintance of mine that worked at my building.

Joe is dark, handsome and lean. He sports a crew cut, a stylish pair of dressy-casual white sneaks and a cute smile. Normally I wave and say hi to him when he’s out of the office on one of his smoke breaks but his time it was at the club!

I explained to him my situation and he was all smiles. Joe did not hesitate to introduce me to his boyfriend, straight allies and everyone else. I realized that if two femmes walked into the bar they were most likely together. There were mostly men, a handful of butch women, trannies and a lot of femmes. I would not be able to tell who was straight if I didn’t use stereotypes.

One funny thing that happened was a group of drag queens were performing that night and walked past me.  Among them was one that looked like a model and I said to Joe,” Wow she’s a really hot looking tranny.” He laugh and replied, “She’s really a woman.”

Other random things that happened that night:

  • Some guy bought me a shot (Normally I don’t take drinks from people I don’t but he bought his friends a drinks as well and Joe and his friends were there.)
  • There was a performance where the trannies would pull a guy from the audience, pull off his shirt and seductively move “on” him.
  • More dancing with Joe. I think we went up 4 times.
  • Joe went home but I still wanted to dance so I asked this butch woman who was up on the dance floor earlier if she wanted to dance.
  • I saw my hot Muy Thai instructor there with several girls but I didn’t say hi. I don’t think she would remember me after one class.
  • I also won a black leather duffle bag in the raffle!

I’d say my night was quite fun because I got to dance and it was a very good first experience! The people were friendly and it was not as intimidating as TV makes gay bars appear to be. Another aspect that I did find nice: no one dry humps you.

Would I go to one again? Most likely.