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My younger guy cousin just started dated this girl and the rest of my cousins and I finally got to meet her at the carnival. Instead of driving home intoxicated, we decided to book rooms at a nearby hotel. The carnival has this couple compatibility game where you enter your name and it will match you up with someone else in that pool of people.

I go up to my room but there my cousin’s girlfriend is just hanging out. She starts to talk to me. I pretend to be my cousin and write a letter to her starting off with “You are very cute.” She laughs. She is in fact very cute and very enjoyable to talk to. The rest of the conversation is about me saying how wonderful a guy my cousin is and how she is so much better (so far) than the rest of the girls he has dated.

She seems to start getting a little annoyed and then she heads out of the room. I make my way to the carnival and receive my compatibility chart. I begin to freak out because she also put her name in. She knew before I did that we were 99.99% compatible and she was bisexual!!! So she was trying to learn more about me back in the room but all I wanted to talk about was my cousin!

In the dream I saw myself motioning toward her to apologize about it but that part became very vague. What seemed like a few days later, we were at a gym and I began complaining about my lower back. She followed me to one of the back stretchers and sat behind me while I positioned myself. I had the strong feeling she wanted to reach out and start massaging my back. Why else would she sit so close? We didn’t say anything but I can feel the tension between us. It’s the dangerous sort of tension where you know you’re attracted to someone.

That part of the dream ended there….glass thick tension with a very cute girl I am 99.99% compatible with sitting inches behind me at the gym who is just about to start massaging my back BUT she is dating my awesome guy cousin. OTL! I truly hope to NEVER be in that position in real life! However the decision to keep away from that girl because I love and respect my cousin too much is a very easy one to make.

Off tangent: Another part of my dream I saw a couple with a baby in a stroller walking for exercise. I convinced them to get into my car because it was going to rain and I’ll drop them to their car. *pats herself on the back for helping people in her dream*. That is exactly what I would do in real life.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Now I need to jet and get ready for work! I’m running late!