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Season 4 Episode 1 of TrueBlood opened up with Sookie in the land of fairies or so she thought. Turns out it is another dimension in which Troll-like people harvest fairies and keep them there for what they think is a few minutes but actually turns out to be years. For the 15 minutes Sookie is there, she loses 13 months of her life in the real world and when she gets back not much has changed.

Bill is King of Louisiana, Eric owns Sookie’s house in a plot to own Sookie and fulfill his vampire desires, Lafayette is still with his latin nurse babe who keeps forcing him to check out this creepy witch cult, Jason is now a full-fledge cop and is surprisingly not having sex and making smart responsible choices, and not much else has changed with the rest except that Tara is now with a woman and lives in another state. Is there sex? Yes. Is there a kissing scene between two women? Hmmmm…