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“Lez Be Proud” is a fairly new web reality series about lesbian couples Dawn with Debbie and Kristie with Lauren. The series already completed episode 3 and reminds me a lot of the first season of The Real L Word. Episode 1 is an introductory episode where you hear the stories of how each couple met one another.

Reasons why I’m watching?
1. Fight for Equality issue in Episode 1. So many service men and women fight for our country or live in the unending service to help others yet do not have the same rights as straight couples. Your partner should be your family.
2. One couple has children. For me, that is an important and sensitive issue many people face and need support with.
3. White tank tops
4. Eye Candy
5. We all want that “special” someone in our lives whether we already have her or are looking for her.
6. Seeing two women in love tugs on my heart strings.

Watch all the episodes at the official Lez Be Proud Site.
Also, many thanks to my ultimate source of lesbian news AE for providing a great post about this series.

Are you watching yet?!  What did you think about episode 1?