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Thanks to my wonderful imouto Nakayo over at Yasashii Sekai, an anime and yuri blog, I’ve been reading lesbian books like a woman on crack. I would steal almost every spare minute I have whether it be standing in line, waiting for the light to turn green, or reading right before bed. Should I still be thanking her then? I managed to read my first lesbian novel back in 2009 by Lyn Galli called “Wasted Heart”. I found it a very good relaxing read. My favorite book so far is Lyn Galli’s “Uncommon Emotions”. Probably because I can relate a bit more to the characters and the relationship between the two women is something I hope for one day.

{warning spoilers} At the moment, I’m reading the 26 book series “I Found My Heart in San Francisco” by Susan X Meagher. This book is slowly growing on me. It follows the lives of two women, Jamie and Ryan, and how they go about building their relationship and lives together. Various issues surrounding a lesbian couple emerge and almost takes you on a journey of what it’s really like being a lesbian couple amidst society. You can tell the series began somewhere in the early 90s when pagers were still around and Prop 8 wasn’t a hot topic.

The first book in the series, “Awakenings”, is about a woman, Jamie, who finally figures out her own sexuality. She always felt different from other girls, held out giving our her virginity to just any guy, has issues with her fiance and ends up falling in love with her lesbian best friend. This book made me think about why it is I prefer women over men. In Lyn Galli’s book, “Uncommon Emotions”, Joslyn is accidentally kissed by another woman in a case of mistaken identity. Something awakenings in Joslyn that suddenly causes her to feel an attraction to women. The same thing with Jamie…well having a hot lesbian best friend who would do anything for you could have been her awakening…it wasn’t until Jamie began coming into physical contact on top of the emotional contact that she became highly attracted to another woman.

So my question is, would these two women continue to be straight if they never crossed paths with other lesbians?

I’ve asked myself the same question. I joke around with one of my close friend’s who was my first and now my ex that she totally f-ed me up. She says it’s the other way around but she knows she’s always been a lesbian. I think that attraction comes in different levels like love. When I was a teenager I was attracted to cute guys that played sports and were popular in school. After kissing and other things, I was always attracted to guys but on a different level because I knew what it felt like. Being with a guy satisfied that physical need. I was however subtly attracted to women where I would think someone is beautiful and looked good but I would never think about dating or sleeping with her. Not until I slept with my best friend from high school when we moved in together during college. I honestly don’t think I would have thought about how wonderful it is to date a woman and probably continue to date men. Because I’m able to connect with women on such a deep emotional level, the level of intimacy grows exponentially.

Read about my “Awakening” story HERE.

So if you’re looking for a good read, check out these novels. The top 3 are worth checking out.

  1. Uncommon Emotions – Lyn Galli (When you begin having feelings for another woman)
  2. And Playing the Role of Herself – K.E. Lane (The sparks of flirtation are high!)
  3. I Found My Heart in San Francisco (Series) – K.E.Lane (In-depth stories the ups and downs of a female relationship;coming out to family, dealing with society when openly gay, etc..)
  4. Imagining Reality – Lyn Galli (When friends become more than friends)
  5. Wasted Heart – Lyn Galli (Why falling in love with someone that is taken is a “wasted heart”.)
  6. Like Lovers Do – Lori L. Lake (this book was just ok. I found myself skipping many parts because a large chunk of the middle of the story are about side characters.)

If you have a favorite lesbian book you would like to recommend, please do so!