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Today I came across this quote by the Dalai Lama

The more you are motivated by Love, The more Fearless and Free your action will be.

What a powerful statement! Ever loved someone enough where you felt fearless and free? How far will you go to nest into a life with someone for love…to have her by your side, for you both to take care of one another and create a relationship that grows deeper with each day? There are so many obstacles to overcome and maybe even some barriers to put up to protect your relationship from idiotic hateful people.

I experienced that once while in the parking lot of my Uni one day. My first girl friend and I were in the parking lot and she was fooling around I think punching me in my arm or something. We weren’t doing anything sexual to one another but our playfulness may have exhibited a closeness that prompted some guy in his 50s walking across the street to spit out racist and insensitive lesbian comments. Of course we both screamed “F$@K YOU!” and dashed in our car before he had the chance to run across the street. It did make me feel exposed and ashamed.

When people don’t understand a love like that it becomes hurtful. So the barriers go up and you remember how fortunate you are to have love to begin with that runs deeper and stronger than what other people have to say or think. Being motivated by love should be the rock in a relationship to which no storm big or small can ever knock down.