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This is quite an entertaining show! Normally when idols are mean-spirited and so full of themselves, I get turned off. I guess when Hyung-Nim does show his kindness, I can’t help but start to like him a tad more. I’m up to episode 7. One of my favorite parts is when Jeremy has his moments of attraction to Go Mi Nam and keeps thinking he is gay..hahaha

Synopsis via AllKoreanDrama:
A story about the behind-the-scenes life of an idol group called “A.N.JELL”, their difficulties, love and career.

Tae Kyung and On Yu and Shin Woo are in search of a new member for their idol group. However at the last minute, the member suffers an injury and his twin sister, Mi Nyu, steps in to disguise as him.

Park Shin Hye will play Go Mi Nam (male) & Go Mi Nyu (female), a pair of twins who ends up switching places when Mi Nam gets into an accident after being selected as 1 of the four members of “A.N.JELL”.

Anyways, this is a must-see show for laughs and romance. The songs in the show are lovely!