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Good day Lip Service Fans! How did you like Season 2? I actually enjoyed it considering the huge jaw-dropping surprise this season! I really liked Frankie but I have to say that Lexy is my top fav on the show! If you would like the songs from Season 1 check out the post HERE. Apologies for the list not being truly complete. Disclosure: If you’re not a Facebook fan of Lipservice yet, add them to your like pages please! My list I’ve compiled for easier viewing from there. :)

Episode 6
Shy and the Fight – ‘Prayer for the Faithless
We see Lights – ‘I hope you like the Smiths’
Paper Aeroplanes – ‘Save It’
Wise Children – ‘You are a Poem’
Paper Aeroplanes – Orange Light’
Velcrobrother – ‘The Samaritans Called Me Last Night’
Bob Barker (Organiq Music Library) – ‘Star Pence’
Kat McKenzie – ‘Bright’
Velcrobrother – ‘The Police Report’
Paper Aeroplanes – ‘Painkiller’
Kat McKenzie – ‘Break Your Heart’
Paper Aeroplanes – ‘Winter Never Comes’

Episode 5
Loose Talk Costs Lives – ‘Calavera’
How to Swim – ‘False’
Wise Children – ‘Keep Quiet’
Discopolis – ‘Sumemr Nightmares’
Baudelaire – ‘Ut Oh’
Baudelaire – ‘What You Gonna Do About It’
Julia and the Doogans – ‘Hummingbird’
Calamateur – ‘Change This World’

Episode 4
Any Duncan – ‘Stars’
Julia and the Doogans – ‘Borderline’
A Band called Quinn – ‘Mrs Traipse Song’
Gecko – ‘What You Gonna Do’
The Perils – ‘The River’
Gabrielle Aplin – ‘Lying to the Mirror’
Julia and the Doogans – ‘Come Home’
Andy Drazagis – ‘Red Light’
Ultimate Beatz- SCD504 – Track 12 ‘Mutations’
Ultimate Beatz- SCD504 – Track 6 ‘House of Dreams’
Clubland Six – ATMOS-CD250 – Track 6 – ‘Blissful Beat’

Episode 3
Dead Boy Robotics –‘ All Sixes and Sevens’
Accoustic Butterfly (from a compendium) – ‘Little Swallows’
Scottish Enlightenment – ‘Pascal’
Sunshine Social – ‘Next of Kin’
Scottish Enlightenment – ‘Earth Angel/With Stick in Crypt
Vinyl Black Stilettos – ‘The Game’
Labyrinth Ear – ‘Wild Flower’
Wrong Note – ‘Snake. Snake. Snake!’
Ray Summers – ‘Lord Forgive Me’
Kal Lavelle – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’
Dead Boy Robotics – ‘All Sixes and Sevens’
The Dirty cuts – ‘Lips’
Among Brothers – ‘My Head is Vessel’

Episode 2
Discopolis – ‘Summer Nightmares’
Discopolis – ‘We should have been born in Canada’
Brawth – ‘Distance’
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – ‘(If you keep me in your heart’
A Band Called Quinn – ‘DIY (Celebrity Murder Party ‘Orgy Of Sound’ Remix)’
A Band called Quinn – ‘Wolf Cries Boy (recital room mix)
Man without country – ‘Inflammable Heart’
Wrong Note – ‘Innocent Eyes’
Zoey Van Goey – ‘Extremeties’
Chris Gorman – ‘Teargas’
Silent Devices – ‘Una’

Episode 1
Strike The Colours – ‘Things I Can’t Explain’
Julia and The Doogans – ‘I See A Light’
Any Color Black – ‘Hold On Me’
The xx -‘Infinity’
Beth Orton – ‘Thinking About Tomorrow’