About Me

I am passionate about life, people, and places. My rants dip into many different alcoves, Japanese media being one of the more recent attractions because of my interest in yuri or girl’s love.  I’m not a fan of hentai either as I prefer anime likening those of Spirited Away, ARIA, and others that have a more realistic grip on everyday life that I can relate to.

My anime watching days began budding after stumbling upon a few episodes of Marimite for the first time in mid 2008 and burst into full bloom soon thereafter with Strawberry Panic. **Flashes back to Strawberry Panic** Therefore, I don’t claim to be an expert on anime, especially when I have my yuri goggles on max. I get particularly hyper about strong female leads, yuri anime, manga, jdramas, and new music! Everything else comes second on my read/watch list. However, you will see me on the qui vive when an anime contains vampires, zombies, great music, stunning animation, and voice actors I like! I am also not as crazy as some people are led to believe regardless of my affinity for premium chocolates and rounding up kawaii imoutos (in a totally platonic way of course).

While I created this blog for entertainment and about random tidbits that interest me, nothing is to be taken too seriously. It will be interesting to see how this blog evolves down the yellow brick road and I look forward to making new friends! Much of what I write also relates to my close-knit circle of friends I’ve made online. I heart you all! <3

  • Fav Anime: Marimite, Strawberry Panic!, Aria, NANA, and Clannad
  • Fav Manga: Octave and Girl Friends (I’m sure there’s more but I can’t remember them right now)
  • The cameras I use in my shots are my trusty iPhone, Canon G11, Canon XSi/450D.

Feel free to hit me up an email here or message me on Meebo! Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. BWAHAHAHA. “I’m also not as crazy as some people are led to believe regardless of my affinity for premium chocolates and rounding up kawaii imoutos.”

    Hmmmm :3

  2. Hey its solthar from cosplay con staff nice blog but if you like strong female leads you should try angel beats dont know if you have seen them but its really good also if you like yuri and vamires Rosario+Vampire is a really good anime again dont kow if you have watch them but since i did not see them in your info thought i might mention them lol you have really good taste on anime looking forward to working with you

    • Hi there Solthar!! Thanks for the awesome feedback and recs! I have seen Angel Beats and really enjoyed it especially the music. Rosario+Vampire I may pick up. There are just so many I’m watching right now!

      I’ll update my info on the anime I’ve seen and recommend. Thanks again!

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