Top Favorite Lesbian Shows I’ve Seen Over The Summer 2013


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My swoon meter couldn’t be any higher this summer with some really amazing shows to grace my screen. I haven’t been this excited about shows in a while and decided to share. Each series portrays strong, hot female leads.

  • Orphan Black: Kickass, Sci-Fi, multi-clone hottie Tatiana Maslany breakthrough talent shines in this really awesome show! It’s my favorite show so far next to True Blood. We all have our guilty pleasures.
  • Orange is the New Black: I signed on for a Netflix subscription just to marathon this entire series after watching a few online. It’s hilarious, gripping, down-right sickening, and sexy. Well it is prison and there are some bat sh!t crazy people in there.
  • Mistresses (US): It could be my old crush for Alyssa Milano that lures me to this series or the lesbian couple emerging, but there is some kind of charm to this show that keeps me coming back for more.
  • Exes and Ohs: Absolutely LOVE this show! It’s like watching the lesbian version of Friends. The entire series is generously being posted on





{TV Show} Lip Service Season 2 Sountrack


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Good day Lip Service Fans! How did you like Season 2? I actually enjoyed it considering the huge jaw-dropping surprise this season! I really liked Frankie but I have to say that Lexy is my top fav on the show! If you would like the songs from Season 1 check out the post HERE. Apologies for the list not being truly complete. Disclosure: If you’re not a Facebook fan of Lipservice yet, add them to your like pages please! My list I’ve compiled for easier viewing from there. :)

Episode 6
Shy and the Fight – ‘Prayer for the Faithless
We see Lights – ‘I hope you like the Smiths’
Paper Aeroplanes – ‘Save It’
Wise Children – ‘You are a Poem’
Paper Aeroplanes – Orange Light’
Velcrobrother – ‘The Samaritans Called Me Last Night’
Bob Barker (Organiq Music Library) – ‘Star Pence’
Kat McKenzie – ‘Bright’
Velcrobrother – ‘The Police Report’
Paper Aeroplanes – ‘Painkiller’
Kat McKenzie – ‘Break Your Heart’
Paper Aeroplanes – ‘Winter Never Comes’

Episode 5
Loose Talk Costs Lives – ‘Calavera’
How to Swim – ‘False’
Wise Children – ‘Keep Quiet’
Discopolis – ‘Sumemr Nightmares’
Baudelaire – ‘Ut Oh’
Baudelaire – ‘What You Gonna Do About It’
Julia and the Doogans – ‘Hummingbird’
Calamateur – ‘Change This World’

Episode 4
Any Duncan – ‘Stars’
Julia and the Doogans – ‘Borderline’
A Band called Quinn – ‘Mrs Traipse Song’
Gecko – ‘What You Gonna Do’
The Perils – ‘The River’
Gabrielle Aplin – ‘Lying to the Mirror’
Julia and the Doogans – ‘Come Home’
Andy Drazagis – ‘Red Light’
Ultimate Beatz- SCD504 – Track 12 ‘Mutations’
Ultimate Beatz- SCD504 – Track 6 ‘House of Dreams’
Clubland Six – ATMOS-CD250 – Track 6 – ‘Blissful Beat’

Episode 3
Dead Boy Robotics –‘ All Sixes and Sevens’
Accoustic Butterfly (from a compendium) – ‘Little Swallows’
Scottish Enlightenment – ‘Pascal’
Sunshine Social – ‘Next of Kin’
Scottish Enlightenment – ‘Earth Angel/With Stick in Crypt
Vinyl Black Stilettos – ‘The Game’
Labyrinth Ear – ‘Wild Flower’
Wrong Note – ‘Snake. Snake. Snake!’
Ray Summers – ‘Lord Forgive Me’
Kal Lavelle – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’
Dead Boy Robotics – ‘All Sixes and Sevens’
The Dirty cuts – ‘Lips’
Among Brothers – ‘My Head is Vessel’

Episode 2
Discopolis – ‘Summer Nightmares’
Discopolis – ‘We should have been born in Canada’
Brawth – ‘Distance’
Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – ‘(If you keep me in your heart’
A Band Called Quinn – ‘DIY (Celebrity Murder Party ‘Orgy Of Sound’ Remix)’
A Band called Quinn – ‘Wolf Cries Boy (recital room mix)
Man without country – ‘Inflammable Heart’
Wrong Note – ‘Innocent Eyes’
Zoey Van Goey – ‘Extremeties’
Chris Gorman – ‘Teargas’
Silent Devices – ‘Una’

Episode 1
Strike The Colours – ‘Things I Can’t Explain’
Julia and The Doogans – ‘I See A Light’
Any Color Black – ‘Hold On Me’
The xx -‘Infinity’
Beth Orton – ‘Thinking About Tomorrow’

{Relationships} I met the love of my life on (Review)


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Ever see couples that look so perfect and happy together and wonder what their secret was? How and when did the stars align for them to meet one another? I would get this warm fuzzy feeling seeing two old folks holding hands. I want my partner and I to be like lovey dovey old people-to be able to look into my partner’s eyes with such love, tenderness and affection years after we have wrinkles and can barely walk.

Having been in 4 long-term serious relationships (let’s not count the 8 mths I dated someone in 8th grade), I wondered what was it that went wrong? Was it me, them…us? Could it be that I was just with the wrong people who didn’t share the same feelings as me about life in general, our future, and our personalities were just too different? Attraction to people is easy but dating can be like going on a roller coaster ride then throwing up after because it wasn’t such a good idea. Except in relationships you always can decide when to get off.

In my past relationships, I basically took a step back and decided that I knew I could be treated better-that there was more to relationships than the overused “I’m sorry’s” and half effort attempts at resolving recycled issues. I wanted someone who enjoyed life as much as I did and wanted to work at being the best people we could for our family. Someone who shared the same interests, had passion and kindness.

I am by no means an expert in relationships but I do know there is someone out there for everyone, someone we are all compatible with. That is what led me to try a new fresh alternative means to dating.

I heard many good things about online dating from friends and how they met the people they are married to online. gave me the opportunity to look for a woman and be picky about the kind of woman I wanted. It is not limited to only women but for men seeking men as well. For $19.99 a month for 3 months (a locked in 3mth subscription you cannot get out of until it expires), I didn’t know what to expect. You are able to choose where in the world you would like to find women, her physical characteristics, habits etc… You complete a long questionnaire about the things you are interested in and about what you want and do not want in a partner. For example, you want someone who is patient, passionate, spontaneous, honest, affectionate, etc.. and what you don’t want is someone who is bad tempered, has a victim mentality, judgmental etc…

After completing the questionnaire, you create your profile page where you can upload photos, add more blurbs about yourself like Who Inspires You, The One Thing I Am Most Passionate About, and The Most Important Thing I Am Looking For In a Person. There is another profile questionaire you need to fill out that elaborates on your interests from TV shows, food, money views, sports, leisure, travel etc… That will help give you and a “match” something to talk about.

After setting up your profile, you will get several matches via email, browse their profiles and decide whether or not you would like to send an Ice Breaker (greeting like “Hi” or “Let’s Chat” or “Your Profile Made Me Smile”). The emails almost feel like spam because they do come very often.

My second email gave me another batch of potential friends or partner. I sent out two ice breakers on my first email and it was on the second email on the second day that I received her profile as a match. “She” stood out immediately for me-beautiful, sexy, great smile, and talented. I sent her a subtle ice breaker and she wanted to chat! I was ecstatic! About every other day we would write getting to know one another as “casual” friends first. Before I continue, I went about the unconventional way of talking to someone over CP because I went straight to emailing to talk. For me it seemed odd to go through a third party to talk and not just say hello first. It felt informal. The site recommends you don’t just jump into emailing one another right away. Instead, you are given another step with a series of questions (about 3-5) to ask the person before you converse. I guess this process helps to narrow down your choices because you choose 5 out of 10 or so questions to ask the other person like “What would you like to do on your evening night out”.

3 weeks and it developed into something more. 5 months later we met in L.A. and San Diego for 2 weeks over Valentine’s day. She was everything in her profile and more. We get along so well with our same interests, eerily similar backgrounds and views on life. Every day I am thankful for having such an amazing, sweet, wonderful, supportive, loving and beautiful person in my life. Even my 6-year-old daughter loves her. We are a family. I couldn’t be happier and more blessed.

There is one thing I noticed that CP did not have and that’s “sex”. I mean wouldn’t “sex” be just as important as knowing someone’s favorite sports team and favorite food? Thank goodness we both have the same appetite. Not that sex is the most important thing in a relationship but if people are looking for compatibility, sex should be part of the questionnaire.

9 months tomorrow and the hardest part about our relationship is being apart. We are having a long distance relationship and someday we’ll be living together. All I know is along with my daughter she is one of the best parts of my life. Every day we talk, communicate and see one another, …every day our love grows. She is visiting in October and I am over the moon with excitement!

I took a chance on CP and I’m so glad I did. We are one another’s perfect match.

Note: One of the women that began talking to me said she didn’t have much success finding someone after 6 months or so. Hopefully at least you can gain a few friends.

{My Journey} My “out” story ….. finally after 13 years


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“A tree must grow out of the seed in order for it to touch the sunlight” -Sapphire

Trying to think of how I felt when I came out to my family, my mind conjured those words above. I needed to grow and reach a certain point in my life where I felt it was time to tell my family about my sexuality and come into a new kind of light. My catalyst has been this absolutely amazing woman I met. I can’t imagine not having this woman be part of my family and my life. She is family.

The first time I was with a woman was 13 years ago. I was seventeen, fresh out of high school and just about to start college. Being with just anyone is not some rendezvous like shopping for clothes. Being with a partner is a commitment to a certain extent in sharing part of your life with that person.

There are many reasons why people choose to come out and other reasons why they choose not to. I learned to respect other people’s decisions and opinions even though they my conflict with my own. Sure it’ll be a much better world if everyone agreed with me but that’s not reality.

The beginning of Sept 2011, I wrote about an old high school friend of mine, Hales (names are not real), who tried to force me to come out to a close friend of mine:{My Journey} Being forced to come out. Every person has his or her baking time. Have respect.

Why did I choose to come out now? As I mentioned before, I met an amazing woman I would love to introduce my family to. I didn’t want to walk through the door saying, “Hi Mom & Dad! Meet my girlfriend and by the way I’m gay.” I wanted to slowly transition them into the realization that I am in a relationship with a woman.

I told my Sister-in-Law and oldest brother first. I didn’t know how to explain it so I just said,”I date women and men.” They both said as long as I’m happy then they will support me, just as expected. My family totally rock.

Last night I told Dad first. His reaction was not what I expected. He is not 100% for the idea and would prefer I settle down with a good man. He said he’s seen some people around the neighborhood like that and does not agree with it. I told him not to compare them to me because no two couples gay or heterosexual and their  relationships are the same. Relationships depend on the people.

Mom’s reaction when she came out to join Dad and me, “Okay…it’s a 2012. It’s a New Year.” LOL! She threw me for a loop because their reactions were opposite of what I expected.

Overall, I believe there is a time for everyone and there are going to be different reactions by people. Come out when you are ready and be prepared for questions and mixed responses. Sometimes there is a strength and confidence people need in order to stand up for their beliefs and to embrace themselves for who they truly are. Ultimately be happy with who you are.

{Relationships} Love Found: What went wrong in the past

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted because I’ve been B-U-S-Y! As the New Year bolted in like lightning, I decided to do a short series of posts on relationships. It was back in September when I wanted to write a series about my journey toward finding “the one”. Since that time, I was thrown into a whirlwind of something beyond what I’ve ever hoped and dreamed.

There was a time when I wanted to ban everything love related in my life…to not be in a serious relationship because of all the sadness and heartache I would have to endure at the end of a breakup. Strength becomes a weakened trait. People go through life having several flings to avoid the difficulties of relationships all the time. BUT people falling in love and are with one another all the time as well. You reflect on what went wrong in the past and how you can learn from all those experiences. The demise all boiled down to one thing-incompatibility or was it?

I didn’t want to settle for less than what I knew I deserved. How do you know you deserve more? When you don’t get the things you want out of a relationship. Sometimes the simplest and smallest of things can mean so much. Like showing how much you appreciate her for doing something for you, letting her know how beautiful she is, and making her feel special especially during birthdays, anniversaries and her holidays. How many times can you ask someone you love to do certain things and they did not follow through? It becomes a vicious circle of arguments that never gets resolved until action is truly applied to rectify the problem. There has to be a compromise somewhere along the line.

How much are you willing to do to make that person happy? How long before you realize that you deserve more and that there is someone out there who is willing to love and accept you for who you are? Once you pass the threshold of a friendship into love and finally into a family.

I had told all this to my friend DJ and she said to me,”You won’t end up being like that because that’s not you.”

She was right. Sleeping around with anyone even if he/she was just a friend and not be in love with that person just did not jive with me. Sex with strangers is easy. You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to have one night stands and quickie romps anywhere. I’m not saying it’s wrong because for some people emotions and sex just don’t mix.

I’m not the type of person to stay in a relationship hoping it will get better once things have gone downhill. I’m not afraid to be single and don’t feel like I need a relationship to feel like a better person. The biggest risk one can take is not to be single, it’s to open your heart to someone knowing you are vulnerable to a broken heart.


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