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~spoilers ahead~

This series is totally tugging at my heart! I see so many of my favorite anime characters captured in this one show! It’s really interesting to pick out the similarities! Maybe I’ll pick out the similarities in another post. I really like how all the friendships are forming in this show! I highly doubt I will be consistently blogging anime, but I had to do a post on this episode because although it may not be super motivating, it does capture that whole “working together as a team to achieve your goal” feel.

Most of this episode was about the 3 girls going on a mission, shaiza happens, they have to figure out how to carry on without a compass or food, they reach their goal, and they find out a bit more about the history of the maidens. It was a really “awww” episode and quite funny watching the girls STRUGGLE big time lifting themselves with the bagpacks off the ground! Hahaha! Even Rio’s grunting in an attempt to demonstrate carrying the bag cracked me up! Her voice really reminds me of Paku Romi’s deep voice..quite husky!

If only there were some magic posting program in our brains that automatically typed out our thoughts and projected the images onto whatever we want… I mean how cool would that be! Hmmm now that I think about it that sounds rather DANGEROUS! I don’t think I want my mind to automatically broadcast in front of anyone! Moving on..

I have a HUGE soft spot for sunrises and sunsets so I couldn’t resist taking a crappy screenshot of a beautiful sunset over the barren wasteland that was destroyed by the previous war. I also couldn’t resist taking another crappy screenshot of the maidens bathing in the hot spring. HEY! It’s not DODGY! It’s called BONDING! and relaxing-just what we all need at the end of a long hard day. Reeeellllaaaaxx……ommmmmmmm

If you have a goal you set out for yourself, I know you can achieve it! Focus, be diligent, and Ganbatte! If you don’t have a goal, set out and make one! NOW! *demanding Oneechan*

Thanks to Yuuki for letting me know what Sora No Wo To means!

~Sound of the Sky~

Note: To my JH&M friends- No Yuuki is not Yuki.